Valentine's Ball

Our Valentine's Ball on Friday 14th was a great success. The total raised looks to be in excess of £12,000 which we a thrilled to bits with. 200 Team Lewis fans enjoyed a lovely dinner with a clever magician entertaining tables. The mystery box raffle sold out very quickly and our auction raised over £7000 on its own. Our band, Shakermaker, were a big hit with lots of people up on their feet for a couple of hours drawing the night to a close.
Sarah, Julie, Susanne and Adam would like to thank everyone who helped us to put this wonderful event on. Firstly, our special guests, Eddie Hall, Liam Lawrence and Kieran Mullan MP for their time and support and all our other guests who arrived looking fabulous and enjoyed themselves whilst being incredibly generous to our cause. Our volunteers, Lucy, Rob, Christine, Issey, Grace, Libby, Kerry and everyone else who pitched in during the organising as well as on the night. Finally to our event sponsors whose generous financial and material support made the event so special - Swansway Jaguar Crewe, Trident Commercial & Domestic Gas Services and Civitas Marketplace.